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Rockford Fosgate DSR1
Digital signal processor with Maestro AR amp replacement module — add an aftermarket amp without losing important features


digital signal processor with factory digital amplifier replacement module
add an aftermarket amplifier without losing any factory controls or audio notifications
requires Windows PC with internet connection to download vehicle-specific firmware to the module
includes iDatalink Maestro AR interface to retain factory premium audio features
works with an optional vehicle-specific T-harness (sold separately)
supplies control data as well as audio
preamp and speaker-level inputs for use with a non-premium system and no vehicle-specific harness
Digital Processing:
digital processing technology from Rockford Fosgate's 3Sixty.3 processor
digital processing: 147 MIPS speed, 32-bit precision, 72-bit accumulators
analog to digital: 24-bit precision, 105 dB dynamic range, -98 dB THD+N
digital to analog: 24-bit precision, 108 dB dynamic range, -98 dB THD+N

  • settings and adjustments made via Bluetooth connection to a iOS or Android device running PerfectTune app
  • 8 assignable inputs
  • 4 auxiliary RCA and 1 optical TOSLINK (S/PDIF) inputs
  • 8 preamp outputs (up to 4 volts)
  • 31-band parametric EQ on all channels
  • crossover filters can be set as all-pass, high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, high-shelf, or low-shelf filters
  • selectable slopes and filter characteristics
  • phase switch on every channel

dimensions: 5-1/16"W x 1-1/4"H x 4"W
warranty: 1 year

Upgrade your system
Your car computer controls its audio system, so upgrading the sound has to include integrating with your car's digital network. Rockford Fosgate's DSR1 combines an integration module with a full-featured digital signal processor so you can add an aftermarket amplifier without losing any of your factory controls or audio notifications, and achieve the high-fidelity sound the system lacked.

A simpler way
In the past, in order to upgrade a factory system you'd have to first sum all the outputs, reduce the signal strength to line-level, remove the factory EQ and crossover settings, and then apply your custom audio processing and amplification. The DSR-1 simplifies this process by using the unprocessed line-level signals from the factory receiver, so you can tune the sound without fighting the factory settings. Your factory radio still works like it always has, and you retain all your vehicle's features.

Rockford Fosgate + iDatalink Maestro = good times
The DSR1 includes an iDatalink Maestro AR amplifier replacement module, which can use a vehicle-specific T-harness (sold separately) to supply a clean audio signal plus digital control data to the processor. Using a Windows PC, you go to iDatalink's website and download the firmware for your specific vehicle to your DSR1. It will then be able to translate your vehicle's digital instructions, like turning down the music and making only one speaker active during Bluetooth calls, for example.

Fine-tune your sound via your mobile device
The DSR1 uses the same technology as Rockford Fosgate's 3Sixty.3 digital signal processor to help you obtain and enjoy amazing sound quality from your vehicle's sound system. After connecting — via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device — and loading the PerfectTune app, the main user interface screen displays your speaker configuration, an EQ graph, the EQ controls, and more.

8 channels handles almost any system
Each channel has its own crossover network, level adjustment, time alignment setting, polarity switch, and 31 bands of equalization, so there's no excuse for anything but perfect sound. The DSR1 offers eight output channels of processed signal for your amplifiers to send on to your tweeters, speakers, and subs.

Important Note: This Rockford Fosgate processor can either be used with an iDatalink harness in "Vehicle-specific" mode, or it can operate without needing a vehicle-specific harness in "Universal" mode, when upgrading a standard, non-premium factory or aftermarket system. 


SKU: 225016039310
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