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2-Channel Dual Recording 1440p WQHD (Wide Quad HD) Dash Camera System

  • Main/Front and Second/Rear Camera Included
  • Main Camera: 1440p Wide Quad HD Video Quality (2560 x1440p) (135° diagonal viewing angle)
  • Second Camera: Full 1080p HD Video Quality (1920 x 1080p) (128°diagonal viewing angle)
  • Large 3” Screen, Supporting Front & Rear Camera Viewing and Video Playback
  • STARVIS™ CMOS Sensors  constantly adjust the image quality
  • Built-in GPS records current position, vehicle speed, direction of travel and time.
  • Easy installation, tangled wires are not an option
  • G-Sensor

The VREC-DH300D had a 3-Axis G-Sensor to detect significant or sudden impact and automatically locks the video file being produced at the time and stored in a separate folder

The Pioneer VREC-DH300D is a 2-channel dual recording dash camera system that mounts a Wide Quad HD (WQHD) 1440p dash camera directly to your vehicle’s front windscreen and a Full HD 1080p compact second camera to your vehicle’s rear window. This captures video of the road ahead of you and behind you. The main unit records a diagonal wide viewing angle of 135° with WQHD technology for enhanced imagery under low light or night conditions. The rear camera is compact, featuring a diagonal wide viewing angle of 128° with Full HD technology to achieve higher camera visual recognition performance in both light and dark conditions. Both front and rear cameras feature a STARVIS™ back-illuminated CMOS sensor that constantly adjusts the image quality producing bright, richly colored videos and identification-level recordings. This captures critical details such as license plates, road signs, and traffic signals. Additional features include a 3" LCD display on the front camera/main unit for easy operation and built-in GPS for speed/location/heading/time data acquisition. If an incident occurs while driving, the built-in 3-axis G-Force motion sensor will detect the vibration and automatically capture and save video 20 seconds before and after an incident is detected.


SKU: 234345145805
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