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  • 2000-2005 DEVILLE
  • 2000-2002 ELDORADO
  • 2000-2003 SEVILLE

PAC OS2-GM32X Wiring Interface
Retains OnStar®, Bose® amplifier, and warning chimes when replacing factory radio in select 1998-2005 Cadillac vehicles

Radio Replacement Interface: The PAC OS2-GM32X radio replacement interface allows your to replace the factory stereo in select Cadillac vehicles with an aftermarket head unit and maintain operation of factory features such as OnStar, Bose amplifier, RAP, and warning chimes. It also supports PAC steering wheel control adapters (sold separately).

Retained Features: The PAC OS2-GM32X radio replacement interface retains the following factory features of your vehicle.

  • OnStar: The OS2-GM32X retains your vehicle's factory OnStar system. It allows audio from the OnStar system to play through the vehicle's two front speakers when OnStar is active, and mutes the output of your new aftermarket radio.
  • Bose Amplifier: The PAC radio replacement interface lets you retain your vehicle's factory Bose amplifier. Standard Bose amplifiers will continue to fade front to rear. Due to the design of Premium Bose amplifier systems, there is currently no way of fading from front to rear with an aftermarket radio.
  • RAP: Your aftermarket head unit will continue to operate with the vehicle's RAP (Retained Accessory Power) system. The aftermarket radio will stay on after the vehicle's key is turned off and then stays on for approximately 10 minutes or until a door is opened.
  • Safety & Warning Chimes: The vehicle's factory safety and warning chimes are also fully retained.

Note: The OS2-GM32X does not retain the factory XM Satellite Radio receiver; you will lose this option when the factory radio is replaced with an aftermarket stereo.

+12V/10A Accessory Output: The OS2-GM32X provides a +12V/10A switched accessory output; no more searching for switched +12-volts in the fuse box or kick panel.

Navigation Outputs: The PAC OS2-GM32X provides navigation outputs (VSS, Parking Brake, and Reverse) to help ease the installation process of an aftermarket navigation radio.

Optional Steering Wheel Control Adapter: The OS2-GM32X radio replacement interface supports PAC's SWI-CP2 or SWI-RC steering wheel control adapter (both sold separately), allowing you to retain your vehicle's factory steering wheel controls. The included wiring harness plugs directly into the compatible SWC adapter. You will need to program the SWC adapter.

Wiring Connection Chart: The included harness features the following wires which will need to be hardwired (solder or crimped) to your aftermarket head unit's wiring harness.


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