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  • 4Runner  2014-2017
  • Sequoia (Equipped with JBL and 10 / 6-pin BHA1761 Style Radio Harness)  2013-2014
  • Sequoia  2015-2018
  • Sienna  2015-2017
  • Tacoma  2014-2017
  • Venza (Equipped with JBL and 10/6-pin BHA1761 style harness)  2013-2014
  • Venza  2015-2016


PLEASE READ: We have had returns for this product stating that it was difficult to install. Please note that these products are made for  professional installers and/or people that is knowledgeable in car audio systems. You need to make sure you understand your vehicle's connectors and speakers. The instructions provided are a general guide and not particularly will be a match to your vehicle's system or application. If you don't have experience with these type of installations, please contact a professional installer. 


AmpPRO simplifies the installation of upgraded amplifiers in data-bus controlled sound systems. With AmpPRO, you can improve audio performance while keeping an original radio’s fit, finish and features.

Simplify speaker wire connections by using the speaker connection harness when adding aftermarket amplifier(s) to select Toyota vehicles. Featuring OEM quality, factory style plugs. The connector quickly and securely plugs into the factory amplifier harness allowing an aftermarket amplifier to be more easily installed. Industry standard wire colors on the harness makes identifying the factory speakers faster and also ensures proper speaker wiring polarity.

What You Will Receive:
PAC Amplifier Integration Interface
PAC Speaker Harness Connectors
Wiring Harnesses 
General Installation and Operation Instructions
Product Features:

  • Upgrade solution for factory, fixed level, data-bus controlled sound systems.
  • Everything you need in one box to install your choice of aftermarket amplifier(s).
  • Time-saving design, prevents need for summing and audio correction devices.
  • Variable volume, fade, balance, bass, mid, and treble audio settings.Retains Bluetooth, Navigation, Safety system and all Warning Chimes Audio.
  • Front, rear, sub preamp outputs (5 volt RMS).Provides flat audio output for a solid audio foundation.
  • Customized OE bass, mid, and treble center frequency selection.
  • Plug-n-play installation with 28pin, 10pin and 6pin factory matched harness.
  • Remote sub level controller included.Reliable PAC quality.
  • Optional TOSLINK optical output (APA-TOS1 sold separately).
  • Simplifies amplifier installation.Prevents need for summing and DSP devices.
  • Provides factory sound system upgrade solution.
  • EIA standard color coded wires makes identifying factory speaker wires and phase easier
  • The speaker harness eliminates having to run new speaker wire throughout the car
  • 18” Harness length

Compatibility Requirements/Notes PLEASE READ.
Vehicle must be equipped with a JBL system. 
There must be an actual visible label that says JBL or JBL Synthesis.

If the vehicle is equipped with a factory amplifier but does not say  JBL, it is not compatible because the amplifier is analog and not digital. 
Between 2012-2015 Toyota used two different styles of connectors. 
In order for the amplifier adapter to be compatible, the radio must have the 10 / 6-pin BHA1761 style connector. Vehicles equipped with the 20-pin BHA8113 style connector are not compatible. The only way to know what connector the radio has is to physically remove the radio from the dash and look at it. Please see pictures below for reference.
The factory radio's speed controlled volume, DSP, and surround sound mode are not supported by the AP4 outputs. The factory amplifier must remain connected, and in the vehicle after the AmpPRO has been installed.
The adapter does not support retention of the Easy Speak function.
Before Installation:
Professional installation is strongly recommended.

The remote output is rated at 2A of current. If more current is needed, an external relay must be used.Channels 5 and 6 are non-fading outputs.
The output level of channels 5 and 6 can be controlled using the supplied level control knob.The level control knob must be connected in order to manually adjust the beep volume and minimum volume settings.
No adjustments can be made manually using the programming button when the module is connected to a PC.
Due to variations between various OEM radios and even between radio modes, the radio output voltage may vary slightly.from the selected 5 volt (or 4 volt when DIP switch 2 is down) output.

 ***Only compatible with the above listed vehicles***

Additional Notes
Upon request, with your purchase, we will email you a diagram that shows how to remove the factory radio (if available). This is what most consider is the hardest part of the installation. With this diagram; installation is a piece of cake.

If you have any questions or concerns with the product please feel free to contact us at Ask Seller a Question so we can assist with any technical or customer support to resolve any issues.

Vehicles NOT made for the U.S. market are not compatible and are not guaranteed.

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