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Sound processor for adding amps and speakers to a factory system — 6 outputs

system integration digital sound processor with automatic time alignment, channel summing, and equalization
removes factory sound processing for aftermarket speakers and amps
8 speaker-level inputs (ch 1-2: full-range; ch 7-8: subwoofer)
6 preamp outputs (3 pairs RCA) for connection to external processors and amplifiers
24 bit/48 KHz digital audio resolution
calibration CD included
digital signal processing via Windows PC and JL Audio's TüN software
displays frequency response before and after processing
10-band graphic EQ on front and rear channels
control FiX calibration process
reverse polarity of any input
high-pass filters on front and rear outputs
Other Features:
signal-sensing and DC offset sensing turn-on eliminate need for remote lead
optional dash-mountable remote (#13698126) controls Master Volume, Handsfree Optimization, and displays system Status LED
optional LSA-4 adapter (#13698124) may be necessary in order to defeat a factory radio's load-sensing mute function
dimensions: 4-3/8"W x 1-15/16"H x 6-3/16"D
warranty: 2 years

To build a high-quality sound system, start with a clean slate
You want to upgrade the sound system in your car with new speakers and amps but replacing the factory radio is just not an option. However, your factory system uses unusual EQ curves and preset time alignments that work well with the inexpensive factory speakers, but will prevent your aftermarket gear from reaching top performance. JL Audio's FiX 86 digital signal processor removes the factory system's equalization, crossover filtering, and time alignment, providing you with a completely flat and focused audio signal that your aftermarket amplifiers and processors can turn into high-fidelity music.

Integrates into almost any system
The FiX 86 gets its input signals from your vehicle's speaker wiring — no outboard level-matching devices are necessary. The FiX 86 automatically re-synchronizes any signals that have been time-delayed, returning precision to the sound. It takes your factory radio's 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way outputs, matches their levels, and combines them into six full-range stereo signals. Then 1/3-octave equalizers automatically flatten the frequency response, leaving the system ready for your custom processing and amplification.

Digital features and calibration
It doesn't come much easier than this: pop the calibration CD or loaded thumb drive into your receiver, hit play, push in and hold the FiX 86 calibration button, and all the processing is done in about 30 seconds. The 24-bit 48 KHz digital processor ensures clean, low-noise signal handling and output.

Add customized tuning via PC
You can plug your laptop running JL Audio's TüN™ software into your FiX 86 to visualize and correct the system's frequency response. The graphic displays the response curve before and after the FiX 86's corrections.  The 10-band graphic equalizers on the front and rear channels let you fine-tune the sound to fit your car's acoustics and your musical tastes. The TüN software helps when you're setting up your FiX 86, giving you direct control over its factory calibration processing and allowing you to correct the polarity of any of the inputs.

Optional remote for volume control
You'll set up your FiX 86 with the factory radio's volume control at 3/4 full. Once the system is calibrated, you can use the optional DRC-200 Digital Remote Controller (sold separately) to control your system's level while maintaining the processor's EQ restoration. You can still use your radio's volume control without a DRC-200, but the factory volume-dependent equalization will affect the tone at different settings.

In addition to volume control, the DRC-200 features a Handsfree Optimization Mode that disables the FiX 86's time-correction and adds a high-pass filter to the audio to clarify the sound when making hands-free phone calls. A multi-colored LED on the remote reports the operational status of the FiX 86, so you'll know what's going on from the driver's seat.

Important Note: Some factory radios and amplifiers will not work without sensing that its speakers are connected to their outputs. If you don't have output from your factory system after installing this FiX processor, you'll need a FiX-LSA-4 load-sensing adaptor (sold separately) to correct the issue.


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