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FORD MUSTANG (without factory nav)  2010-2014


iDatalink Connec KIT-MUS1 Factory Integration Adapter
Install a compatible Kenwood or Alpine receiver retaining factory LCD screen and touchscreen climate controls in select 2010-up Ford Mustang models (Factory Gray)

  • works with Maestro ADS-MRR module to allow installation of select Kenwood or Alpine touchscreen receivers in 2010-14 Ford Mustangs
  • allows installation of select Alpine, JVC, Kenwood and Pioneer receivers in 2010-14 Ford Mustangs (also requires the Maestro ADS-MRR module)
  • retains the use of your factory steering wheel audio controls, climate controls, the factory LCD display, and the SYNC system
  • includes dash console that matches Ford Mustang dash
  • package offers customizable climate control buttons and two USB ports
  • displays engine performance data on touchscreen with select Alpine, JVC, Kenwood and Pioneer receivers
  • 1 year warranty

Made for your Mustang
You've got a new touchscreen GPS receiver, but you really want to keep your Mustang's dash looking good. Now, iDatalink's ADS-KIT-MUS01 factory integration package (along with their Maestro Idatalink adapter sold separately)  gives you everything to need to install select receivers in your dash and wire it up to your Mustang. Best of all, you'll retain the use of your steering wheel audio controls, climate controls, and the Ford SYNC™ system, plus add some very cool features along the way. MAESTRO IDATALINK ADS-MRR REQUIRED IN THIS APPLICATION EBAY CLICK HERE.

A fit in the dash
iDatalink's ADS-KIT-MUS01 kit includes a dash console that matches the fit and finish of your factory dash. You'll retain the use of your Mustang's LCD display, which provides song and title information, station information, and caller ID for hands-free calling with Bluetooth®. You can operate your climate controls from a compatible receiver's touchscreen and the customizable buttons built into the iDatalink dash console. This kit also includes two integrated USB ports that work with your compatible receivers.

Wire it up
First, you connect the iDatalink Maestro RR adapter to your PC using its included USB cable, and follow the instructions. Once you've indicated you're using the ADS-KIT-MUS01 kit and the Maestro RR has been "flashed," you're ready for the installation. Next, you'll either solder or crimp the wiring harness that's included in this package to your new Kenwood's receiver's wiring, 

The ADS-KIT-MUS01 kit comes with simple plug-in connectors for the iDatalink Maestro RR adapter and your Mustang's factory wiring harness. You'll also get a mono subwoofer RCA connection which directly plugs into the subwoofer channel of your Mustang's amplifier. With Mustangs that don't have the SYNC™ system, you can use the adapter's AUX IN RCA connectors to link the Mustang's factory auxiliary input to an auxiliary input on your new receiver.

The coolest part
Once you've installed a compatible receiver in your Mustang, you'll be able to use your receiver's touchscreen to check your battery voltage, tire pressure, and door ajar warnings. You'll also be able to choose which gauges you'd like to appear on the receiver's screen, and you'll even be able to check the engine codes when a warning light comes on.

Compatibility Notes: The iDatalink ADS-KIT-MUS01 kit must be used with the iDatalink Maestro RR adapter and a compatible Kenwood or Alpine receiver. This kit is only compatible with 2010-2014 Mustangs without the factory navigation radio.

Note: Most vehicles will require additional installation parts — please identify your vehicle if you haven’t done so, then for a list of parts.


SKU: 181252970976
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