It's Finally Here! A Full Format Horn Speaker Kit for '14 & Up Street Glide
We have been working closely with Diamond Audio for some time now on pro audio speakers specifically for Harley applications. This kit is the result of all that hard work. The kit is a direct bolt in that does not require any modification to the bike to install.  

Keep all of your gauges
No need to cut up your fairing
Much higher volume levels
Much better sounding than any other pro audio setup
Fitment: '14 & Up Harley Street Glide, Ultra Glide, & Electra Glide

These speakers are designed to take all of the weather that you can throw at them. They are treated for extreme UV exposure, extreme swings in temperature, high vibration, and water.  


Diamond Audio MO75t Horns Are the Best Sounding Horns out There.

We know because we had the opportunity to evaluate these horns with Diamond's staff during the design phase. We auditioned all of the popular horns on the market alongside these and nothing else compares. The dual stage horn flare, inverted neo magnet/diaphragm, and much more refined phase plug design outperforms other bullet style horns by leaps and bounds.  

Diamond Audio MSPRO65 Mid Woofers Are the Way to Go.

These woofers have a lot in common with other pro audio type woofers out there but they have a few tricks up their sleeve that is easy to miss if you don't know what you are looking at. They cone shape has a convex geometry that dramatically improves cone stiffness, efficiency (loudness per watt), and amplifies/smooths the high frequency response. Couple all of that with a 400 watt thermal spec and you get a wall of volume that simply sounds better than everything else out there. 


12db Crossovers Add a Lot to Performance and Reliability

Most all horns on the market come with 6db caps for crossovers. Those type of crossovers have a lot of problems though. The sound of a horn using just a cap changes dramatically with volume, making it impossible to tune your system to sound equally as good at high volume as lower volumes. The crossovers included in this kit though are 12db crossovers with a much higher power handling and a much more stable output at all volume levels. 


Installation Notes: The factory fairing speaker pods must be modified slightly using a heat gun in order to make clearance for the woofer magnet inside the pod. This is a very simple procedure. Heat the pod where the magnet makes contact until the plastic is soft and then simply screw the speaker in place. 


Specifications - Woofers

Power Rating: 200 W RMS/ 400 MAX

Sensitivity: 97dB 1W/1M

Frequency Response: 110Hz-10k Hz+/-3dB

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Mounting Depth: 2.375"

Cut-out Diameter: 5.625"

Over-all Diameter: 6.5"

Over-all Height: 2.5625"


Specifications - Compression Horn Tweeters

 Overall Diameter 2.28"

Cut Out Diameter 1.61"

Over All Depth 2.0"

Mounting Depth 1.12"

Sensitivity  106 db 1W/1M

Frequency Response 2k - 20k

Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm

Power Handling 

50W RMS / 100W Max


Included Crossover 



Rebuildable Diaphragm  



SKU: 184122902414

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