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Fitment: 15 & up Harley Road Glide.

Extreme Output & the Best Sound Quality

Loud Harley Davidson Road Glide Speakers

Step into the top level of pro audio Road Glide speakers. This kit includes everything, the Diamond Audio MO75T horns and MSPRO65 mid woofers to your '15 & up Road Glide. This is a whole new level of loud that simply has not been possible up until now. 

Easy Installation with slight modification 

We include several parts in this kit that make installation a snap. Included is a quick disconnect harnesses for each of the horns and crossovers. The included speaker grills snap right in place of the original factory grills. Each horn comes with a CNC machined HDPE back plate. All fasteners are stainless steel. The woofers are plug and play with the factory Harley speaker wiring. 

IP65 Marine Grade Speakers (see installation note to the right)

Waterproof Harley Davidson Road Glide Speakers
These speakers are designed to take all of the weather that you can throw at them. They are treated for extreme UV exposure, extreme swings in temperature, high vibration, and water.  


Diamond Audio MO75t Horns Are the Best Sounding Horns out There.

We know because we had the opportunity to evaluate these horns with Diamond's staff during the design phase. We auditioned all of the popular horns on the market alongside these and nothing else compares. The dual stage horn flare, inverted neo magnet/diaphragm, and much more refined phase plug design outperforms other bullet style horns by leaps and bounds.  

Diamond Audio MSPRO65 Mid Woofers Are the Way to Go (see installation note to the right)

These mid woofers have a lot in common with other pro audio type mid woofers out there but they have a few tricks up their sleeve that is easy to miss if you don't know what you are looking at. They cone shape has a convex geometry that dramatically improves cone stiffness, efficiency (loudness per watt), and amplifies/smooths the high frequency response. Couple all of that with a 400 watt thermal spec and you get a wall of volume that simply sounds better than everything else out there. 


12db Crossovers Add a Lot to Performance and Reliability

Most all horns on the market come with 6db caps for crossovers. Those type of crossovers have a lot of problems though. The sound of a horn using just a cap changes dramatically with volume, making it impossible to tune your system to sound equally as good at high volume as lower volumes. The crossovers included in this kit though are 12db crossovers with a much higher power handling and a much more stable output at all volume levels. 



Specifications - Mid Woofers

Power Rating: 200 W RMS/ 400 MAX

Sensitivity: 97dB 1W/1M

Frequency Response: 110Hz-10k Hz+/-3dB

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Mounting Depth: 2.375"

Cut-out Diameter: 5.625"

Over-all Diameter: 6.5"

Over-all Height: 2.5625"



Specifications - Compression Horn Tweeters

Overall Diameter 2.28"

Cut Out Diameter 1.61"

Over All Depth 2.0"

Mounting Depth 1.12"

Sensitivity  106 db 1W/1M

Frequency Response 2k - 20k

Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm

Power Handling 

50W RMS / 100W RMS Using supplied Crossovers 


Included Crossover 



Rebuildable Diaphragm  




702 MOTORING LAS VEGAS Warrant's ALL Diamond Audio Product for ONE YEAR - NO QUESTIONS ASKED 

Please understand Physical Damage would not be covered.

Please do not shoot your speaker, run them over with a car, your bike, your farm tractor, cut them down with a Lawnmower, Drop a floor jack on them, use Illegal Fireworks on them, please do not let your Dog eat them, or let your cat pee on them or pet Aligator try to crush them.

Any of the above will be on a case by case basis.


Understand that there is no such thing as a non working brand new speaker

Tuning / Tuning / Tuning is KEY

Please do not Mad Max on Brand New Speakers -

We offer and honor our warranties, however if you blow speakers once your system needs to be tuned, period, it is that simple.

Our Installed sytems in our facility NEVER experiance a blown out speaker

It is not normal, if you blow speaker's multiple times you will need an intervention / PLEASE Contact us so we can help !!!


SKU: 193295209142
  • INSTALLATION NOTE: Some applications, such as the 15-UP Road Glide, require slight modification to the factory speaker enclosure to allow the magnet of the MSPRO65 speaker to fit. 

    One common way known to do this is to use a heat source such as a propane torch and heat up the enclosure in the area of the magnet and allow it to form as the speaker is pushed into place, although this method is successful 702 Motoring Las Vegas does not recommend this approach.

    Our Position is this - 

    You are spending good money on purchasing High End Products to have your Bike Sounding the "BEST" NOT second best.

    If using the heat up method you are using excessive pressure on the basket and speaker assembly to force the magnet of the speaker to form the enclosure, during this process unnecessary stress can and probably will distort the speaker and negatively effect the voice coil that has been Precision assembled.

    When this occurs you have a Speaker that is not Happy. For example imagine getting into a small car, a car you barley fit into. You may fit, but you are not going to be happy. You are restricted, you may have trouble breathing, this is NOT how you want your Speaker to Feel. You want that Speaker Happy so it Creates a Level of Sound that puts a smile on your face every time you turn your system on and this is what Diamond Audio is Famous for.

    Furthermore when using the heat method the moulded enclosure hardens against the magnet and will produce constant pressure on that magnet, the speaker will not sound as good as it could and can cause a unstable and now miss aligned voice coil to prematurely fail, more than likely right in the middle of a weekend cruise.

    At 702 Motoring Las Vegas we share these small details with our customers, lessons we have learned that helps you get the most out of your system.

    When you ride with Diamond Audio & 702 Motoring you are riding with a Sound Level others will Envy - When you are Happy you will share your buying experience with others and we appreciate that, nothing makes us happier than when we receive a phone call from a New Customer that you referred to us because they can not believe how good your bike sounded.

    Provided are detailed pictures of completed modifications to the '15-UP Road Glide enclosures. Cut away a small portion of the enclosures to allow the magnet the room it needs, then screw the speaker into place. Next, simply put a little strip of sound deadening material over the open hole and you are done. For sound deadening material (CLICK HERE).

    Many Harley's have a screw head size that is large, if your Harley has this type of screw we recommend NOT using them and pick up some small round head style screws as shown in the last picture. For appropriate screws (CLICK HERE).

    Reason being that the large head screw is just that – too large. Using them will tear and rip the speakers surround. Again we want a Happy Speaker, the smaller head screw fits perfectly in the mounting hole of the speaker not effecting the surround. The speaker fits Perfectly!!! It Will Sound Awesome & You will be Smiling!!

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