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Powered Sound Upgrade for select 2015-up Ford Mustang without factory premium sound

  • factory audio system upgrade
  • fits select 2015-up Ford Mustang without factory premium sound
  • Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack 4-channel amplifier
  • 45 watts RMS x 4 at 2 or 4 ohms
  • Alpine PWE-S8 compact powered subwoofer
  • 8" woofer
  • 120 watts RMS amplifier
  • vehicle-specific bracket holds sub and amp under glove box
  • vehicle-specific wiring pre-cut and terminated
  • warranty: 3 years

Fix your factory sound

  • The top two complaints about the sound of a Mustang's factory audio system are not enough volume and not enough bass. Alpine's PSU-300MTG Powered Sound Upgrade solves both of these issues in your Mustang with a neat and clever combination of products designed to bring joy to all music lovers.

The components

  • The package includes a compact 4-channel amplifier and a powered subwoofer, both mounted in a Mustang-specific bracket which mounts under the dash and glove box in the passenger foot well and wired up using vehicle-specific harnesses. The PSU-300MTG upgrade is compatible with the factory Ford base radio and almost all other aftermarket receivers. Alpine says you should be able to install this upgrade in your car in two hours or less.

Universal power pack

  • Alpine's KTP-445U Power Pack amplifier increases your radio's power output to 45 watts RMS by 4 channels, considerably more than what's put out by the Ford radio. A universal plug lets you feed a signal via RCA outputs or speaker-level wiring. A built-in high-pass filter optimizes the sound for your speakers.

Compact powered subwoofer

  • Alpine's PWE-S8 powered sub uses a Class D amplifier rated at 120 watts RMS to drive the 8" shallow-mount, high-excursion subwoofer, so there's plenty of power for your bass. The amp features controls for phase, gain, and a low-pass crossover, so you'll be able to blend the bass with the rest of your system.  A wired remote control lets you adjust the bass level from the driver's seat. 


SKU: 173822268509
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